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Daniel Nava Suicide Squeeze

Game: Boston at Chicago Cubs, June 17 (box, 7-4 Red Sox win)
Situation: Top 7, one out, 0-0 count, runner at 3rd, Boston up 5-3
Pitcher: James Russell
Batter: Daniel Nava
Runner on 3rd: Ryan Kalish

Leverage index: 1.0
Win probability added: +2.5%

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has a reputation for eschewing the sacrifice bunt. On the other hand, the squeeze is a special case (trading an out for a run is usually a good play). Bobby Valentine also has a reputation as a meddler, so I’m surprised that this was the Sox first squeeze attempt of the season.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +3 (+1, success; +1, suicide; +1, seventh inning or later)

David DeJesus Safety Squeeze

Game: Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee, June 5 (box, 10-0 Cubs win)
Situation: Top 5, one out, 0-0 count, runners at 1st/3rd, Chicago ahead 4-0
Pitcher: Yovani Gallardo
Batter: David DeJesus
Runner on 3rd: Tony Campana

Leverage index: 0.6
Win probability added: +1.2%

DeJesus pushes the bunt past the pitcher, and the Cubs get their first squeeze of the year against the kings of the squeeze, the Brewers.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +1 (+1, success)