Dandy Squeeze Score

What’s the Dandy Squeeze Score?

Modeled on Bill James’s Game Score for starting pitcher’s performance, the Dandy Squeeze Score attempts to capture the risk, level of difficulty, leverage of the situation, and the execution of the squeeze in one number. It is not meant to end arguments about which squeeze is best (or which failure worse) but instead to start them. It is named after Jim Dandy, the inventor of the metric.

Successful squeeze play: +1
Suicide squeeze: +1
Batter reaches: +1
Hit: +1
Right-handed pitcher: +1
Two strikes: +1
Pitcher bunting: +1
Tie game or down one run: +1
Bases loaded: +1
Seventh inning or later: +1
Ninth inning or later: +1
Playoffs: +1
World Series: +1

Failed squeeze: -1
Pop up: -1
Missed bunt: -1
Missed sign: -1
Missed sign / swing: -3
Double play: -3

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