Pete Kozma Suicide Squeeze / Jordan Schafer Suicide Squeeze

Game: St. Louis vs. Milwaukee, 2013/5/19 (box, 4-2 Cardinals win)
Situation: Bottom 4, one out, 2-1 count, runners at 1st/3rd, St. Louis ahead 3-0
Pitcher: Kyle Lohse
Batter: Pete Kozma
Runner on 3rd: Jon Jay

Leverage index: 0.86
Win probability added: +3.0% video

Game: Atlanta vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 2013/5/19 (box, 5-2 Braves win)
Situation: Bottom 8, one out, 1-1 count, runners at 1st/3rd, Atlanta ahead 4-2
Pitcher: Brandon League
Batter: Jordan Schafer
Runner on 3rd: Gerald Laird

Leverage index: 0.50
Win probability added: +1.2% video

The only successful suicide squeeze this year was on April 13 when Marwin Gonzalez pulled the rare bases-loaded squeeze for the Astros against the Angels. Since then, the Orioles, Braves (twice!), Brewers, Angels, and Cardinals have all been burned on the suicide. Today Atlanta and St. Louis both plated insurance runs with beautifully executed plays.


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