Franklin Gutierrez Safety Squeeze

Game: Seattle vs. Houston, 2013/4/8 (box, 3-0 Mariners win)
Situation: Bottom 5, one out, 2-0 count, runners at 1st/3rd, Seattle up 2-0
Pitcher: Philip Humber
Batter: Franklin Gutierrez
Runner on 3rd: Dustin Ackley

Leverage index: 1.15
Win probability added: 3.8%

Along with Seattle color guy Mike Blowers, I wonder if Gutierrez did this on his own. It looks like he’s bunting for a hit. Then again, Fangraphs says he’s only got 11 bunt hits out of 625 for his career. In any case, great job by Ackley to read the play and score.


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