Nate McLouth Safety Squeeze

Game: Baltimore at Toronto, September 3 (box, 4-0 Orioles win)
Situation: Top 2, zero out, 0-0 count, runner at 3rd, game tied 0-0
Pitcher: J.A. Happ
Batter: Nate McLouth
Runner on 3rd: Manny Machado

Leverage index: 1.1
Win probability added: -1.3%

Well Gary, by my count that is the first run the Orioles have scored on a squeeze this year, but they did have a no-go in a safety squeeze situation earlier.

This one looks like McLouth is primarily bunting for a hit, and it just works out that Machado can score on the play. The timing isn’t right for a straight safety squeeze play (note the negative win probability even though successful). With no outs and a runner on third, that run will score accidentally either on a fly or ground out (infield was playing back). Of course, 22% of McLouth’s plate appearances have ended in a strikeout this year, so maybe he should be praised for taking the safe route and putting the ball in play via the bunt.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +2 (+1, success; +1, tie game)


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