Bobby Wilson Suicide Squeeze

Game: Los Angeles at Anaheim, June 22 (box, 8-5 Angels win)
Situation: Bottom 4, one out, 2-0 count, runner at 3rd, Anaheim down 5-4
Pitcher: Chad Billingsley
Batter: Bobby Wilson
Runner on 3rd: Erick Aybar

Leverage index: 2.1
Win probability added: +3.9% video

If there’s one thing Mike Scioscia loves, it’s a catcher that can’t hit a lick. Bobby Wilson might be the favorite player he’s ever managed. Judging by this bunt, he’s not great at bunting either. It’s on the ground, but it’s hard and straight back to the pitcher. Aybar averts disaster for Anaheim with a great slide to the outside of the plate, avoiding the tag and slapping the plate as he goes by. I guess what I’m saying is that Wilson is no Martin Maldonado or Mike Nickeas.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +4 (+1, success; +1, suicide; +1, right-handed pitcher; +1, down one run)


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