Norichika Aoki Safety Squeeze

Game: Toronto at Milwaukee, June 18 (box, 7-6 Brewers win)
Situation: Bottom 2, one out, 1-0 count, runners at 1st/3rd, Milwaukee up 2-1
Pitcher: Henderson Alvarez
Batter: Norichika Aoki
Runner on 3rd: Edwin Maysonet

Leverage index: 1.7
Win probability added: +6.0%

Alvarez was down off the mound like a gazelle, but flat overran the ball. If he picks it up cleanly, Maysonet is probably toast at the plate. So the Brewers get lucky on their 10th squeeze attempt of the season, and Aoki moves to 3-for-3 on squeeze plays this year.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +2 (+1, success; +1, batter reaches base)


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