Rafael Furcal Safety Squeeze

Game: St. Louis at Houston, June 7 (box, 14-2 Cardinals win)
Situation: Top 3, one out, 1-1 count, runners at 2nd/3rd, St. Louis up 2-0
Pitcher: J.A. Happ
Batter: Rafael Furcal
Runner on 3rd: Tyler Greene

Leverage index: 1.8
Win probability added: +8.2%

MLB.com video

Since 2002, Furcal has 94 bunt hits, the fourth most in baseball, reaching at a 36% clip. If the bunt here is just a sacrifice to score the run (with a minor benefit of moving another runner to third with two outs), the offense is going to be happy. But with a bunter of Furcal’s prowess, there’s a good chance of not even giving up the out. It plays out perfectly for the Cards here, Furcal squeezes in the run and is safe at first. With the heart of the order following, they tack on a couple more runs and take command of the game.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +2 (+1, success; +1, batter reaches base)


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