Tyler Pastornicky Suicide Squeeze

Game: Washington at Atlanta, May 27 (box, Nationals win 7-2)
Situation: Bottom 3, one out, 1-1 count, runner at 3rd, Atlanta up 1-0
Pitcher: Gio Gonzalez
Batter: Tyler Pastornicky
Runner on 3rd: Michael Bourn

Leverage index: 1.45
Win probability added: +3.2%

I hate this play.

Well, that’s not really true. It’s beautiful execution. I hate that the Braves are bunting with their #2 hitter, and early in the game at that. For some reason Tyler Pastornicky, one of the Braves’ worst hitters, is #2 in the order. And though he’s not pitcher level bad at the plate, Tyler Pastornicky should probably be bunting a lot. So +3 for Tyler Pastornicky for a getting the bunt down, but -1 to Fredi Gonzalez for putting him in the 2 spot at all.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +3 (+1, success; +1, suicide; +1, right-handed pitcher)


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