Tim Stauffer Safety Squeeze

Game: San Diego at Washington, May 14 (box, 8-5 Nationals win)
Situation: Top 4, one out, count 0-1, runners at 1st/3rd, San Diego down 4-3
Pitcher: Ross Detwiler
Batter: Tim Stauffer
Runner on 3rd: Orlando Hudson

Leverage index: 2.6
Win probability added: +3.0%

I wonder if this situation should be considered a squeeze: pitcher at the plate, runners at the corners, runner on 3rd doesn’t run with the pitch. The runner on 3rd is treating the play as a safety squeeze. However, even if he doesn’t run, the runner on 1st can advance to 2nd, an acceptable result for the offense with the pitcher at the plate. There’s no risk to the play. It’s good baserunning to recognize the ability to score on the bunt, but is it a true squeeze without the risk?

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): +3 (+1, success; +1, down one run; +1, pitcher batting)


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