Jordan Lyles Suicide Squeeze

Game: Houston at Cincinnati, April 29 (box, 6-5 Reds win)
Situation: Top 2, one out, runners at 1st/3rd, Houston up 1-0
Pitcher: Mat Latos
Batter: Jordan Lyles
Runner on 3rd: Chris Johnson

Leverage index: 1.7
Win probability added: +2.0%

With Mat Latos on the mound and the bottom of the order (6,7,8) coming up for the dreadful Houston offense, the Reds likely expected to cruise into their half of the inning. But after getting the leadoff man, Latos surrendered a couple of hits, and the ‘Stros found themselves with runners at the corners with one out and their pitcher, Jordan Lyles, due up. For his professional career, Lyles has three hits, so the clear play is to sacrifice the runner from first to second. With one out, it might also make sense to try the squeeze here, but Lyles only had two successful sacrifices through his major and minor league career, so he’s not exactly an accomplished bunter either.

Houston put the suicide squeeze on anyway. Lyles does an amazing job getting the bat on the ball at all. The pitch is going to drill him if he whiffs. Not only does he get the bat on the ball, it turns out to be a perfect sacrifice. Houston extends their lead for the moment, but Cincinnati roars back later for the victory.

Dandy Squeeze Score (what’s this?): 4 (+1, success; +1, suicide; +1, right-handed pitcher; +1, pitcher batting)


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